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Information on Global Warming

What is behind rising health care insurance premiums?


About Karl Schwartz

Karl is an author a Microsoft Excel users guide published by DDC Publishing.  He has experience with PC-based Information systems, website design, spreadsheet development, technical writing, and illustrations. 

He is also research advocate for patients facing lymphoma - the primary author of the  website 
 Karl is a member of the Artists of the Gallows Run (2008 – 2016)
- local artisans who exhibit their artwork annually in support of conservation and preservation of open space in Bucks County.

His art education includes training in figurative and portrait art, an Associates of Arts degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art, and a Masters of Fine Arts from Brooklyn College.

Karl received the Alexander Medal of Art (New Dorp HS) and was awarded a grant by the faculty at Brooklyn College for his Master’s thesis "Shape Shifting -internal landscapes.
Website examples:

Chestnut Hill Farms

John Clark Painting

Mother Mousse