Karl Schwartz is a member of the Artists of the Gallows Run (2008 – 2014) - local artisans that exhibit their work annually in support of conservation. He has also exhibited at the World Trade Center in New York City.  His education includes training in figurative and portrait art, an Associates of Arts degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art, and a Masters of Fine Arts from Brooklyn College. Awards include the Alexander Medal of Art while in high school and a grant by the faculty at Brooklyn College for his Master’s thesis.

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On Painting
by Karl Schwartz

It begins with a feeling about nature:  based on what I see but also know or recall about the forms of a subject and the space it inhabits.   

No single word or musical note has meaning by itself. It's the relationships that count: of values, lines, colors ... defining the space  and assembled into a whole that evokes, when successful, the feeling that led to the desire to paint it.

Fooling the eye, realism, requires discipline and skill, but where does one stop? Details are infinite and will overwhelm us - obscuring what moves us to paint. Consider the absurdity of a realistic musical, where the musician copies EVERY sound EXACTLY as heard.

Thus, realistic art must be abstract. What is put in and left out telling us what is important to the artist.

So for me there’s no difference between the best “abstract” and “realistic” art. Each is disciplined, structured, and aware of spatial rules and the universal forms that govern and give rise to all the forms of nature.

So my objective is not to copy nature, but to apply what I continue to learn from observing it.

Ideas that have
 inspired me:

"Don't push it ...
 Don't put nothing into it
until you FEEL it."
~ Nina Simone

"Things as they are, are changed upon the blue guitar"
~ Wallace Stevens




Recent paintings

2016, 30" x 21" acrylic on canvas

Nockamixon - climate weirdness,
2014, 30" x 36" acrylic on canvas

Durham-Nox, Roadside Meadow,
acrylic on panel


Moon over Buckwampum,
2010, acrylic on panel


Black Eddy,
acrylic on panel


Blue Cat,
2016, acrylic on paper


nockamixon-axis-of-the-moon.JPG (5437990 bytes)

Nockamixon, Axis of the Moon
2015, acrylic on canvas


Trees of Buckwampum
2015, acrylic on sized paper


ks-painting-snake-plant-still-life.jpg (6761334 bytes)

Tributary, Gallows Run
2015, acrylic on paper

ks-painting-tributary-gallows-run.jpg (729447 bytes)

Tributary, Gallows Run
2015, acrylic on paper

Rabbit Deity
2015, acrylic on panel

October Snow
2015, acrylic on panel

American Lotus
2015, acrylic on panel

Rabbit in yellow grasses
2015, acrylic on panel

-ks-painting-brown-rabbit-green-grasses.jpg (2228933 bytes)

Brown rabbit in green grass
2015, acrylic on panel

ks-painting-brown-rabbit-in-garden.jpg (2855132 bytes)

Rabbit in autumn grasses
2015, acrylic on panel

ks-painting-brown-rabbit-in-meadow.jpg (3738435 bytes)

Rabbit in grass, evening
2015, acrylic on panel

ks-painting-brown-rabbit-in-meadow-dusk.jpg (3762144 bytes)

Rabbit in seeding grass
2015, acrylic on panel

Fire light, view from Towpath
2012, 8.25 x 10.75 acrylic on paper


American Lotus,
2010, acrylic on panel

American Lotus,
2010, acrylic on panel

Cold landscape
2009, acrylic on panel

Guilty Cat - evidence he wasn't framed
2011, acrylic on canvas

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