Karl Schwartz is a member of the Artists of the Gallows Run (2008 – 2014) - local artisans that exhibit their work annually in support of conservation. He has also exhibited at the World Trade Center in New York City.  His education includes training in figurative and portrait art, an Associates of Arts degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art, and a Masters of Fine Arts from Brooklyn College. Awards include the Alexander Medal of Art while in high school and a grant by the faculty at Brooklyn College for his Master’s thesis.

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On drawing
by Karl Schwartz

My drawings are based  on what I see, know, and imagine - it's an activity of mind AND eye, but also intuition.

As it evolves it's
the relationships that count.  No single note or tone has meaning by itself.  

The root element is line, defining forms and spatial relationships. 

Look to Henri Moore - how his drawings carved space and described forms that he might later carve.

For me details may arise first, but are best when they arise last ... it's the larger forms that count.

The portrait is not about the number and length of lashes on the eye, it's the relationships of parts to whole ... in harmony with the sphere.

Details add when they are minimal and harmonize with the larger form.

 Rhythm also matters to me.  The wavy line, against an angular mark. 
... not by formula -- the curve that FEELS right -- in relation to what preceded it.

 The process of drawing abstracts the subject - simplifies it.  It's selective --showing what's important -- what contributed to the visual experience  -- what was felt about what is known about the form and structure of the subject. 

Nature is not black and white and made of lines. Drawing forces you to be abstract from the start.   

The task for the young artist is to develop a vocabulary that describes the basic forms of nature from the hatch marks of a pen- and then learn to speak, and eventually sing.

Contrary to popular belief, abstract art (to be called art) is disciplined,  structured, in harmony with rules of nature.  The mark out of step with the melody - apparent if seeing it freshly, honestly - can be hard to see.

The ability to copy nature requires skill, but it has little to do with art.

The artist will master the basic forms, seeing in the forms of nature the cube, cone, and cylinder in the table, flower, tree limb, or ear.

The landscape changes before our eyes as the minutes pass; as the sun shifts and leaves fall. What about it doesn't? 

"Things as they are, are changed upon the blue guitar"

~ Wallace Stevens





Recent drawings

ks-drawing-nockamixon01.jpg (3699501 bytes)

Nockamixon - clouds, trees, and water
2015, ink on paper

ks-drawing-plant-forms.jpg (1880947 bytes)

Plant forms
2015, ink on paper

ks-drawing-tree-habit.jpg (3296958 bytes)

Habit of the redbud
2015, ink on paper


ks-drawing-cat-bed.jpg (726421 bytes)
Cat bedding
2015, ink on paper

ks-drawing-bird.jpg (1401847 bytes)

2015, ink on paper

ks-drawing-abstract-landscape.jpg (4118307 bytes)

inner landscape
1976, ink on paper

ks-drawing-portrait.jpg (422048 bytes)

2015, ink on paper



ks-drawing-tea-pot.jpg (1056843 bytes)

Tea pot
2015, ink on paper

ks-drawing-cat-rolly-polly.jpg (4202187 bytes)

Rolly Polly
2015, ink on paper

ks-drawing-landscape-inner-02.jpg (3081711 bytes)

Landscape forms - human and plant
2015, ink on paper

ks-drawing-faces.jpg (2756031 bytes) 
1979, ink on paper

ks-drawing-two-heads-study.jpg (1937648 bytes)

Two heads
2015, ink on paper

ks-drawing-abstract-in-opposit-directions.jpg (1690880 bytes)

In opposite directions
2015, ink on paper

ks-drawing-under-thumb.jpg (329152 bytes)

Under my thumb
2015, ink on paper

ks-drawing-deer-ornament01.jpg (3992761 bytes)

Deer ornament
2015, ink on paper

ks-drawing-cat-posing-pretending-sleep.jpg (2056968 bytes)

Posing cat, pretending to sleep
2015, ink on paper

2014, ink on paper

ks-drawing-fat-cat-study.jpg (3320660 bytes)

Fat cat
2015, ink on paper

ks-drawing-fish-vase.jpg (2693655 bytes)

Fish vase, pointing the way
2015, ink on paper

ks-drwaing-suprised-cat.jpg (2330558 bytes)

2015, ink on paper

ks-drwaing-landscape-inner001.jpg (2028870 bytes)

Garden under the moon
2015, ink on paper