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Karl Schwartz
3774 Buckwampum Road, Riegelsville PA 18077
Voice: '610-346-8419 Fax: 801-409-5736
Company/Org Invoice No.
Voice:   Fax: Due Date
Email: August 17, 2003
Bill Date Rate
Current date Current time
July 18, 2003 $60.00
Description Date Start time End Time Time Charge
Sample entry for work done 7/22/2003 12:32:41 PM 12:52:43 PM 0:20 $20.03
NOTE: You can purchase this Excel Template for $60.00          
        TOTAL $20.03
Billing and Payment Policy

Our goal is to achieve transparency and trust.

This work timer is used to log time and calculate the bill. It will be emailed to the client each month at a minimum. 

This invoice will be emailed on a weekly or daily basis if charges for these periods exceed a value that you indicate.

You can expect that design and structural changes will take more time than content modifications.

Please make payments payable to Karl Schwartz by the due date specified (Net 30).

We appreciate your trust and your business.  - Karl Schwartz (independent contractor)