Here we provide examples of our recent work and explain also our design philosophy

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Examples of recent work:

Chestnut Hill Farms

John Clark Painting

Gallows Run
Watershed Association

Mother Mousse

Todd Stone Artist, a facelift

We Sell Staten Island Homes

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Design Philosophy

Our goal is to provide website and graphic design that:

is affordable and easy to maintain

is easy to use and welcoming to your potential clients and visitors

conveys your message clearly and concisely

avoids excessive graphics and flashy animations that can distract from your message.




"I took a look at your site and was pleased with what I saw. 

I like the theme that you have going. 

It's not too busy or flashy and that's a plus when using a site as advertisement. 

The navigation was easy and the graphics were done well.

One thing I liked was the way your site stays active and the menus stay up when clicking on the pictures. Giving the visitor a button to click to send them back to the gallery is also a plus.

The maps to your location are a bonus. It almost makes the customer feel obligated to visit the store when they have a map in front of them.

Altogether, I like the site a lot and think your designers are doing a good job for you. I do have one question, though. how many people have actually come forward and told you that they've passed off your products as their own? I love that slogan. "Say you made it. we won't

Good luck and take care.

Chad Ecklof
The Code Bakery
5757 Lake Murray Blvd. #46
La Mesa, CA 91942